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2017 - 09 - 12
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Description:RBTA full-automatic tray loading machine is used for the drawing and conveying of trays.RBTA full-automatic tray loading machine has the following functions including photoelectric detecti...
2017 - 09 - 25
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Description:RBTA Robot cartoning machine is suitable for many kinds of industries including pharmacy, health care products, food, stationery, toys, electronic equipment and so on.The material is pushe...
2017 - 09 - 21
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Description:RBTA multifunctional shaker drilling and filling system has advanced features, simple operation and compact structure.RBTA multifunctional shaker drilling and filling system offers the fol...
2017 - 09 - 19
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Description:RBTA automatic tray loading machine is used for packing and conveying of spherical frozen foods.RBTA automatic tray loading machine with the escapement mechanism ensure the accurate positi...
2017 - 09 - 26
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Description:RBTA automatic loading machine is suitable for the stacking of strip articles in food, pharmacy, cosmetics and other light industries.RBTA automatic loading machine offers advanced visual ...
2017 - 09 - 19
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Description:RBTA automatic tray packing machine is designed to package cubes of different sizes into paper holders or cartons.Draw the cardboard from a paper bin, and then put the products into the ca...
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  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Bags;Boxes;Trays;Bundles;  Technical Features: Modular concept for end of line palletizing;Various layout alternatives to meet customer demands;Max 4 in- and 4 out feeders;Based on main industrial Robots;Typically 10-20 cycles/min for a standard 2 in and 2 out system;   Grippers: Standard grippers for palletizing applications;Easy & Quick&#...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: 3C;Home Appliance;Machine building;Technical Features: Complete solution;Standardized products;Pre-tested modules;    Advantages:  Increase quality, capacity,efficiency & yield;Improve process control, health & safety;Reduce cycle time & waste;
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: 3C;Home Appliance;Machine building;  Technical Features: Lateral guiding of the workpiece pallet guarantees easy access from all sides;Extremely sturdy section profile provides a stable foundation;Components can be easily fastened in the groove;Clip-in guide profiles for a simple and quick exchange of the conveyor medium if maintenance is necessary;   Advantages: Reduces non-productive time:-No manual transport, assembly part pick-up during workpiece exchange;-Workpiece does not need  to be repositioned;Costs:Low capital ti...
  • release time: 2017 - 07 - 04
    Applications:3C;Home Appliance;Machine building;  Technical Features: Integrated with all main industry robots;Integrated with all main control platforms;Base on NI(or others) software platform;  Advantages:High speed;High precision;Stable performance;
  • release time: 2017 - 07 - 04
    Applications: 3C;Home Appliance;Machine building;   Technical Features: Compact design, smaller footprint;High precise modules;Online assembling directly on workpiece pallets;High positioning accuracy;   Advantages: Flexible assembling process;Quick respond to new technical specifications;Quick respond to new products;

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说明: Description:RBTA’sBottle Wrap Around Orientated Labeling Machineideal equipment and mainly used for the labeling of cylindricalproducts in food, liquor, pharmaand daily chemicals industries.Themachine features advanced, simple operation, compact structure. The use ofphotoelectric detection, transportation, volume bottles, are frequency control,labeling accuracy; at the same time with no object is not labeled, no standardautomatic correction, automatic detection and other functions. But also withthe inkjet printer to achieve continuous and accurate marking inkjet. Can beused alone machine tray and automatic connectionwith the packaging machine.Main Features:l   Labeling system using the domestic advanced labeling head to ensure that the labeling accuracy. l   Using ...
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说明: Description:Thisequipment is used for RO film wrapped tape, requiring plastic parts and RO filminstalled, the equipment into the device automatically set the tape inaccordance with the set number of knots and tape cut off (in addition to startthe first winding Products and replace the tape wrapped around the firstproduct to be artificially pull the tape to the reservation location, allsubsequent by the equipment automatically run), and then will be wrapped aroundthe tape RO membrane automatically launched.Main Features:l   This equipment is suitable for RO membrane with diameter of 40 ~ 90mm and length of 150 ~ 300mm (excluding center tube size)l   Operating height: 750mm (with adjustable foot cup, adjustable range of 700 ~ 800mm), need to be equipped with four caster, ...
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说明: Description:Whentailoring the system to customers, RBTA fullytakes into account the high requirements for the efficiency of the rivets andrails and the accuracy of the alignment, using two high-resolution cameras totake pictures of the position of the bucket, The servo motor adjusts the bucketto the corresponding position of the rivet, precisely aligns the position,makes the rivet alignment accuracy reach 0.05 mm, and the biting efficiencyreaches 1 time / second.Main Features:l  Improve product quality l  To ensure safe production  l  Bring huge economic benefitsAdvantages:l  Using of automatic drawer visual alignment system instead of artificial alignmentl  Taking full account of the process for rivets and rail alignment efficiency and alignment accuracy...
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