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  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Picking and placing products and placing into:-Blisters;                                                                              -Trays;-Cartons;-In-feed table of flow wrapper;  Technical Features: Hygienic design, scalable to meet customer demands;Based on all main...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications:Bakery (cookie, biscuit, cracker, muffin, cake, bread, wafer, croissant);Confectionary;Snacks, Noodles; Chocolate;   Technical features for PDS:Row distribution, Product rows are “dropped” on a cross placed discharge belt and fed to the in feed of the packaging; Up to 40 rows/min, speed up to 1000ppm.Lane distribution, Products are divided into several lanes by oscillating side belts/ guides and then distributed to multiple wrapping lines, main production conveyor width max 1200mm,and max to 8 discharge stations.Chicane system,4 belt system with driven side bel...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Multi flow packs in carton;Slugs in carton;   Technical Features: Handle various carton design;Robot top loading principle;Feeding for top loader (Robot);- Vision system;- Index controlled conveyor;  Modular design:  - Carton erector; - Carton transport;- Carton loading;- Carton closer; Easy adjustment to fit different carton dimensions;Carton erecting speed: up t...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Multi packs in family pack;Multi products in family pack;Technical Features:  Rotary end seal;Top seal principle: film underneath;Maximum film reel width: 820mm;Product dimension: - Width: up to 300mm; - Height: up to 145mm;- Cut off length: up to 400mm;  Speed: 20-80ppm;Packaging material: laminated film;      Advantages: Quick chang...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Carton to case;Primary packs to case;  Technical Features:  Handle RSC case;Robot top loading principle;Standard case erector and closer;Optional robot case erector;Flexible to handle different case dimensions;Integrated case erecting speed: up to 20cpm;Maximum carton size: L600*W400*H400(mm);  Advantages: Quick change-over;High flexibility to fit marketing c...

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ABB was awarded the "ten competitiveness of 2015 foreign-funded enterprises in China"

date: 2017-07-04
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ABB was awarded the "ten competitiveness of 2015 foreign-funded enterprises in China"

ABB was awarded the












In the recently held a "global enterprise, China - the first development peak BBS" foreign-funded enterprises in China, xinhua net and the central university of finance and business school jointly issued the "2015 foreign-invested enterprises competitiveness index report in China. ABB won "2015 foreign-invested enterprises in China of the top 10", and in the marketing competitiveness, localization strategic competitiveness and competitiveness of the three disciplines in the top, showing ABB China's strong market competitiveness.


Competitiveness index report "2015 foreign-invested enterprises in China to promote multinational companies in China to deepen understanding the current situation of China's economy and prospect, China's market opportunities and challenges, and enhance market competitiveness in China. The evaluate to from China economic review, analysis of the asia-pacific enterprise library, online data and market research data as the basis, of 86 multinational companies in China in finance, marketing, operations, human resources, technology and innovation, social responsibility, global influence competitiveness in different areas, such as system analysis, finally selects the competitiveness of multinational corporations in China.


According to the report, ABB ranked third in overall competitiveness in selected multinational companies and topped the strategic competitiveness rankings. In 2015, ABB China accelerated to the central and western regions under the strategic guidance of the group "new stage", and established the driving force of guizhou, yunnan, sichuan and xinjiang for the western development of the company. Establishing a new industrial robot company in zhuhai to further consolidate its advantages in the east and coastal areas; Continuous attention and promote domestic technology research and development, introduced the world's first man-machine collaboration dual-arm robot YuMi, using green gas Safe Air gas insulated ring network cabinet products such as innovation, helping our clients achieve sustainable value creation.


In the field of electric, ABB spirit involved in ningxia in 2015 - shaoxing, zhejiang province, jiuquan, hunan province and Shanxi Province of Shanxi Province, jiangsu nanjing 3 + 800000 v high voltage dc power transmission project construction, and provides the converter transformer and components, high voltage switch power equipment and technology, support will be in the central and western regions in our country the development of electric power for long-distance transmission, low loss, eastern meet the huge demand for power load center. As of now, ABB has participated in the construction of 22 projects in 30 HVDC projects in China. At the same time, ABB is actively involved in the construction of new generation of smart substations and the development and utilization of renewable energy to support China's construction of a strong smart grid.


In the industrial field, ABB by industrial robots and other intelligent products and solutions in 2015 to help Changan Ford, GREE electric and other customers in various industries to improve production efficiency and the competitive strength in the win in the transformation of industrial upgrading; and ABB converter, energy saving and environmental protection, motor and turbocharger products also continue to help customers improve performance in Chinese at the same time to reduce the impact on the environment, to achieve economic growth and environmental protection coordinated development. Among them, ABB efficient motor has helped customers in all sectors of China cumulative power savings of more than 24 billion degrees, according to the national average per capita electricity consumption, which is equivalent to about 50 million people a year of electricity demand.


In the rail transportation and infrastructure, and actively participate in the ABB high-speed railway construction, but also for the Shenzhen Metro Line 7, Beijing metro line 16, Changsha subway line 2, Ningbo Metro Line 2, Shanghai Shentong Metro electrical equipment provides reliable performance, support the rapid development of city rail the traffic of the new urbanization in China; in the data center, ABB provides products and technical support for the Tianjin hub project, HUAWEI was data data center in Langfang and other domestic large data center for its safety, high efficiency and reliable operation of the escort; at the same time, Home Furnishing intelligent ABB system is also widely used in more and more families intelligent life, help users to easily achieve green and comfortable.


Along with China's economy is entering a "new normal" and "area" strategy, ABB, actively take advantage of its own technology and by making global resource allocation, support Chinese enterprises to speed up the pace of "going out", hand in hand to develop overseas market. Only in 2015, ABB, and car in China petrochemical, China and the north heavy industries, Harbin electric, and many other domestic enterprises to carry out the depth of cooperation, in Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, kazakhstan, Angola, and many other countries undertake projects to provide power and automation products, solutions and services, win more share in the international market.


ABB is ranked among the world's top 500 companies and is a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology. ABB is committed to helping customers in areas such as power, industry, transport and infrastructure improve performance while reducing the impact on the environment. ABB group operates in nearly 100 countries and employs 140,000 employees worldwide. ABB in China has a research and development, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, such as a full range of business activities, 19000 employees, with 39 local enterprises and 126 cities across the country sales and service network.




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