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  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Picking and placing products and placing into:-Blisters;                                                                              -Trays;-Cartons;-In-feed table of flow wrapper;  Technical Features: Hygienic design, scalable to meet customer demands;Based on all main...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications:Bakery (cookie, biscuit, cracker, muffin, cake, bread, wafer, croissant);Confectionary;Snacks, Noodles; Chocolate;   Technical features for PDS:Row distribution, Product rows are “dropped” on a cross placed discharge belt and fed to the in feed of the packaging; Up to 40 rows/min, speed up to 1000ppm.Lane distribution, Products are divided into several lanes by oscillating side belts/ guides and then distributed to multiple wrapping lines, main production conveyor width max 1200mm,and max to 8 discharge stations.Chicane system,4 belt system with driven side bel...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Multi flow packs in carton;Slugs in carton;   Technical Features: Handle various carton design;Robot top loading principle;Feeding for top loader (Robot);- Vision system;- Index controlled conveyor;  Modular design:  - Carton erector; - Carton transport;- Carton loading;- Carton closer; Easy adjustment to fit different carton dimensions;Carton erecting speed: up t...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Multi packs in family pack;Multi products in family pack;Technical Features:  Rotary end seal;Top seal principle: film underneath;Maximum film reel width: 820mm;Product dimension: - Width: up to 300mm; - Height: up to 145mm;- Cut off length: up to 400mm;  Speed: 20-80ppm;Packaging material: laminated film;      Advantages: Quick chang...
  • release time: 2017 - 06 - 29
    Applications: Carton to case;Primary packs to case;  Technical Features:  Handle RSC case;Robot top loading principle;Standard case erector and closer;Optional robot case erector;Flexible to handle different case dimensions;Integrated case erecting speed: up to 20cpm;Maximum carton size: L600*W400*H400(mm);  Advantages: Quick change-over;High flexibility to fit marketing c...

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ABB Partnering India’s journey of growth

date: 2017-07-25
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2016-02-18 - ABB showcased its pioneering automation and digitization technologies as key drivers to future growth in India this week at the country’s landmark event “Make in India” in Mumbai.



ABB has had a strong presence in India for over a century and is deeply committed to helping the country reach two critical goals. Introduced by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the initiative “Make in India” aims to boost the country’s manufacturing sector. The government also aims to establish sustainable growth and has set a target creating 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022.

During the “Make in India” event Prime Minister Modi visited ABB’s exhibition of technologies which focused on the future of power and automation and presentedsmart solutions for sustainable growth, showcasing the drivers of the next level of development in India across utilities, industries, and transport and infrastructure. Prime Minister Modi, along with the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan L?fven, Amitabh Kant, who was an architect of the “Make In India” program, and Marcus Wallenberg, Vice Chairman of Investor ABB also interacted with ABB’s Yumi, the world’s first truly collaborative robot.


As a prelude to this week’s event, ABB held its leading global customer fair, Automation and Power World (APW) 2015 exhibition in Dehli late last year with the theme “Smart solutions for sustainable growth.” The event showcased innovative industrial automation solutions combined with world-class productivity with minimal environmental footprint. Here the pilot project of the first multi-source microgrid wasinaugurated with ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer, India’s Minister for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy, Piyush Goyal and ABB’s Chief Technology Officer, Bazmi Husain in attendance. Powered by solar and wind the microgrid generated up to 125 kilovolt ampere (kVA) - enough clean energy for around 4,000 rural households.




ABB Partnering India’s journey of growth

ABB’s Yumi is showcased to Amitabh Kant, Marcus Wallenberg, Stefan L?fven, Narendra Modi



Optimization of energy use is imperative as India balances growth and the need to minimize environmental impact. The resulting energy savings and efficiency can be equivalent to setting up new capacity. ABB’s microgrid technology deployed for urban and power sensitive installations can aid reliable, optimal and clean power supply. Microgrids can also decentralize generation and optimize power usage in remote industrial installations or urban complexes.




ABB Partnering India’s journey of growth

Hosted by Bazmi Husain, Piyush Giyal and Ulrich Spiesshofer were invited to cut the ribbon during the Inauguration of ABB Microgrid.




ABB has the technology and engineering expertise in place across the country and industries to help India meet its goals for industrialization and faster growth. ABB’s operates its largest R&D center in Bangalore. In Bengaluru the company’s robotics service center utilizes ABB’s Internet of Things, Services and People with engineers continuously monitoring the health and performance of 5,000 working robots deployed worldwide. More than half of the countries diesel locomotives are equipped with ABB turbochargers making the engines more efficient. Once fully-operational, the world’s first multi-terminal UHVDC transmission link will supply clean hydropower from northeastern India to a substation in Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, and from there, feed it across north India to 90 million users.



ABB Partnering India’s journey of growth

This ABB microgrid was part of the 2,000 square meter exhibition display at APW India 2015

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